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Client experience
Client experience At ANZ Private Bank we are committed to providing our clients with an enriched wealth management experience.
We take a holistic portrait of your financial and life situation and then craft long and short-term strategies to help you achieve your financial and personal aspirations.
The quality that sets our people apart is the ability to build strong, long-term relationships with discerning clients, through a dedicated relationship management team consisting of a Private Banker, Financial Advisor, Investment Specialist and Client Support Executive.
Your ANZ Private Banker is your single point of contact for all your banking and financial needs. They will work with you to ensure your banking is in order, assist you to understand the financial opportunities available and proactively advise you on more sophisticated arrangements for managing your finances.
Through your ANZ Private Banker, you will have unlimited access to highly talented, respected, and qualified industry experts who are available to provide support, research and advice as you require.
As an ANZ Private Bank client you will have access to a range of economic and market commentary, as well as opportunities to attend exclusive investment and financial management seminars including:
  • Economic forecasts.
  • Equity market outlooks.
  • Non traditional options for equity investors.
  • Real estate and interest rate outlooks.
For more information please contact an ANZ Private Banker.
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    Taipei +886-2-6615-7260
    Kaohsiung +886-7-337-7707
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    Taipei +886-2-6615-7262
    Kaohsiung +886-7-535-7006