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Cash Management
With Commercial Banking, we deliver cutting-edge solutions through our dedicated cash management products that help you optimise the management of your working capital and cross-border risks. We provide end-to-end online cash management services any time, anywhere through our secure Commercial Banking Online.
  • Saving Accounts
The better you control your liquidity, the harder it will work for you.
Prompt and convenient account opening for LCY/ FCY accounts is available for our clients. Clients can efficiently make queries about account balances and make payments via Access Online.
We provide:
  • Saving Account
  • Checking Account
  • Time Deposit Account
  • Account Receivables Management
Collection products help you streamline and expedite your account receivables cycle and enhance the efficiency of the utilization of funds.
With the following products, you can easily receive incoming remittances and make reconciliation.
We provide:
  • Cash Deposit
  • Check/E-Check Collection
  • LCY/FCY Incoming Remittance
  • FCY Virtual Account
  • Account Payables Management
Various payment products help you make payments efficiently.
Various payment tools meet all your payment needs and help you make payments efficiently.
We provide:
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Internal Transfer
  • LCY/FCY Outward Remittance
  • Payment via Check
  • Corporate/Bank Check Issuance
  • ACH Payment